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Some organizations to help
These organizations act against animal’s suffer.
They need your time, your energy, to have a look in supermarket, for emergency, to save animals, to sign petition, to bring money


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 Organic food is not only for humans. It is also for animals. Domestic animals we love like a relative, or other animals we eat can also eat good quality food which preserves nature.

Which kind of animals?
All your domestic animals: cats, dogs, small rodents: rabbits, hamsters, mice, chinchillas, guinea-pigs, gerbils, cobbaye, etc.. Also farm animals such as horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, and chickens.

Which kind of food?


For cats and dogs: some croquettes and meat (paté) or vegan and also dried food. You can also get many differents treats that your animals like: biscuits, vegan bones, herbs….

For small rodents and birds, you can find specialty seeds. Organic food for farm animals depends on the kind of animal. For cows, it depends on if the cows supply milk or are for meat, for sheeps and goats- if they are pregnant or nursing, and for chickens, if there are used for eggs or meat. You can find many different things for horses and also for birds, depending if they are in captivity or free.
You can find alimentary complimentaries too for all those animals.

Animal’s profile.
This food is prepared depending the animals age, if they are active or sedentary, overweight, growing, pregnant or nursing.

Complementary products
Food is not the only organic product available for animals, also: shampoos, creams, collars, litter, sprays, deodorants, games….and natural, chemical-free medications for any problem: Urinary infections, gastric problems-vomiting, digestion etc, intestinal and circulatory dysfunctions, articulatory problems such as arthritis, allergies, behavioral problems including stress, dysfunctions of the teeth, coat, eyes, nose, ears, immunity, old age, ticks, fleas, bad breath, litter for domestic animals: cats and rodents, and farm animals.

How to change what your animal eats?
Don’t modify what your animal eats all at once, but as with you, little by little. Each day put some new organic food with the habitual food, keep adding a little more everyday if your animal seems to feel fine. If you notice any negative changes, consult with your veterinarian.

Where to buy these products?
In specific shops, direct from producers or from distributors.

How to use it?
Instructions are always clearly marked on the packaging as far as quantity and if there are any contradictions.

Remember the poem of Jacques Prévert: «To make the picture of a bird» and, one your own way, make the picture of your favorite animal eating. It will purr, whinny, move it’s tail, snuggle into your hands or give you a big rap, you’ll understand it has experienced pleasure in eating what you have given to it and is thanking you.