Care of animals: organic kaolin


At home you have an incredible Pussy Cat like a Don Juan. Each Lady Cat he sees, he wants….but he has a lot to do with the others cats of the neighbourhood. During the night, you hear him roar like a lion, you‘re afraid for him, your neighbours don’t sleep anymore and think badly about you. Next morning, you find your cat in front of the door. His ear looks like lace, his coat is damaged, his eyelid is swollen, he has been scratched, bitten. He doesn’t appreciate how you look at him with pity or reprobatory. He’s hungry, thirsty, tired and he feels very bad.

Sometimes, the history is different, but the end always the same: a wound to heal.

Make sure that nothing serious has happened, that he don’t need the help of the veterinarian. Take a cup, put in some organic green kaolin, add some water.

It must be like pancake batter. Put some more kaolin or some more water if it’s not good.
You can keep it several days. You just have to put in some more water if it begins to dry.

When your cat has finished eating and begun to feel better, talk softly to him and take a piece of cotton and put some kaolin on the wounds. If he’s asleep on the bed, put a cloth under him to keep the bed clean.
If he doesn’t want that, don’t give up, ask for help or do it while he’s eating, so the kaolin has time to clean his wound before he licks himself. It does’nt matter if he licks the kaolin. But not too much, of course.

If your cat or your dog has a minor wound, you can use kaolin. If it’s more, you have to go to the veterinarian. Use it each day, until it’s healed. It ‘ll heal very quickly, the coat and the skin will be good and nice again. And you animal will be ready for new adventures.