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Since 2000, the Association « 100 horses on the grass » saves horses, especially draft animals, like work horses and donkeys, from the slaughter-house and offers them living conditions that would be normal for every animal.

In the South of Belgium, in Couvin, comfortable stables are ready for these poor animals. They arrive in an incredible form, incredible because how is it possible that a human, who says he’s the most civilised on the Earth, can be so cruel with other animals?
Currently, more than 100 animals live on this beautiful renovated farm, surrounded by wide, flat fields, an important detail for horse that have leg pathology, and bordered with a beautiful forest.

Each day, the team uses more than 400 kg straw for the litter in the stable, takes the animals outside to the fields, brings them home again in the evening, cleans the stable and the farm, puts away dirty straw, gives food and water to the animals, and keeps busy with administration work. That means to manage, and most importantly, to buy 12 tons of straw each month (400 kg per day) and 9 tons of flocked food per month, plus a lot of water and hay. The Association has to add the heavy cost of veterinary care because some animals arrive needing special care and drugs after bad treatment, neglect, beatings, or a hard life.

All of the good work this Association does is well presented on its website. Of course, anybody who can help by contributing work or money is welcome. To continue its work, the Association earns money from selling different things in its shop, and holds an annual feast in August, a Christmas feast in December and every Sunday afternoon (and some other days, like Halloween) the farm is open to public. So that it can continue to help animals, new stables were built. 100 Horses on the Grass also publishes a quarterly magazine in which they explain how they save animals from the slaughter-house, how they transport them to the Association, sometimes with a lot of unforseen problems. They write also about healing, meetings between an old horse and its former owner, between old horses that had worked together, and also about thoughts for the dead horses, donkeys and ponies, gone for their last journeys.
There’s no reason to be violent with animals. On the Association’s website, you can read about the slaughter-houses, and about the intolerable violence and suffering the animals otherwise endure.

From time to time, some animals find an adoptive family, but 100 Horses on the Grass doesn’t abandon them. The Association has written a strict adoption contract and always keeps control over the new home to be sure that the animals are well treated. Many people, godmothers and godfathers, contribute to the Association. Dogs, also saved by the founder, Marc Beelen, live well together.


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The website of this Association  You must visit it but you will want to help some more!




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