Kennel cough


Too many dogs in the same place, without sufficient cleanliness, is a good way for dogs to get « kennel cough. » It’s a contagious infection that affects all dogs, of any age, but it can be fatal for the weakest dogs, older dogs and young puppies.

Symptoms  The dog coughs, dry at first, then full of phlegm. It will develop a runny nose and runny eyes, diarrhea, and the infection will become general. Without treatment, the dog may die.

Treatment  Depending on your choice, you can get different treatments. In allopatic medicine, you’ll get a vaccine, antibiotics and fumigations. In alternative medicine, using natural remedies, you’ll use essential oils, because they are very usefull against bacteria and infections, and fumigations.

Maybe, if needed, you can use homeopathy or phytotherapy.
To know more about what to do with your animal in this case, contact
Carole Morin

Of course, the best case is that dogs get enough space to live in good conditions. Think about puppies, traveling for several hours, without eating or drinking, babies from poor female dogs, exploited to breed all their lives, are often the source of viral illness for those around them.
If you get a puppy and some days after you bring him home, he begins to cough, to cry, doesn’t feel well, is it enough to go back where you bought him, and exchange him, getting another one, like a kleenex, without asking yourself and the kennel owner some disturbing questions? Consider the care and conditions your animal will need before you bring one home!

Afterwards  Antibiotics can save a dog’s life from kennel cough but can also damage their teeth.

Disgression  In the metro, in Paris, the SPA – Animals Protection Society – starts a campaign to sensitize pet owners. We can see a dog, lying on a tomb. Because an animal never forsakes his owner, but each year, too many insensitive owners forsake their animals, 60 000 each year, says this publicity, in France alone. Your favorite animal always hopes to spend its holidays with you, or that somebody will take good care of him if you’re far away, until you return.