Alerte SOS: avoid euthanasia


Alerte SOS is a French organization that works to make the lives of abandoned animals more bearable, and help them avoid euthanasia. 

The organization works in tandem with animal shelters, sadly too full, volunteers who accept an animal on a temporary basis: cats, dogs, or rodents; and host families who will welcome animals on a permanent basis by adoption.

To accomplish this goal, the organization needs help in a variety of forms. The host families are asked to keep watch over the health of an animal (or animals) that they accept. Beforehand, they have filled out a questionnaire that tries to match up the family with an animal that will do best in their household. The families then sign a charter in which they agree to take care of the new animal for a term of a day, several weeks or several months.

Financial gifts allow the organization to pay various expenses, for example, the veterinary, transport (certain animals arrive from a distance) and various materials.

The volunteers can, in addition to welcoming or adopting an animal, help with administrative tasks, make the organization better known, organize carpools for transporting animals destined for euthanasia in a shelter to their new destinations, where they will at last have normal and happy lives.

Blankets, food for the animals, and cases for their transport are needed. If you have any extras of these items to give, or if you know where to get them, in hotels, in pet stores…. your gift will be useful and welcome.

Alerte SOS acts in emergencies. By e-mail, telephone, or through their website, you will find, sadly, the notices of animals of all ages that need to be saved. But remember, even with the advent of holidays at any time of the year, that an animal is not a gift to be given like any other; it is not a gadget nor a kleenex, but a living being that needs to be fed and watered, needs to be cared for, and taken out. It needs your presence, your tenderness, your petting, and a suitable place to sleep and play. It may not tolerate the presence of another animal, or it may not like to stay alone. It will do silly things, it may get sick, it will need to be examined by a verterinary. But above all, it will give you its love without limits.