Premarin: menopausal women and cruelty to mares


When doctors think that women need an estrogen replacement therapy, they use to prescribe Premarin ® Since 1956, since it has been approved, this drug is cruelty to mares.

It is obtained from the urine of pregnant mares, as shows its name: Pregnant Mares’Urine. That means, that these poor mares are pregnant the most time, confined in small stalls, where they can’t turn round and lie down, even when horses are by nature wanderers.

A catheter takes the urine from the vulva. Because they are pregnant, the urine is full with estrogen. And more, the mares denied water to increase the concentration of estrogen in their urine. Painful urinary tract infections and cruelty are their daily life. The foals dead or, when they survive, don’t breast a long time and are fattened up to slaughter. Mares are impregnated again. Their life is so short and horribily.

Nevertheless another drug is available: Cenestin, produced by plants and approuved by the FDA in 1999, March.

This cruelty to these innocent animals isn’t a fatality. If you use this drug, please, think about what you do. Visit these websites, above, talk to your doctor, look for something other. If nobody use Premarin® anymore, which brings dead and suffer, Wyeth-Ayerst laboratory won’t product it anymore and mares won’t suffer anymore.

To know more and act consciousness and with responsability.

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