Animal egality explained to humans, Peter Singer


This short book asks us some essential questions. Do we have the right, just because we are human, to considere animals as inferiors and to make them suffer?

In this book, the author, Peter Singer, decribes the evolution of the Movement of Animal Liberation.  The progressive awareness by public opinion, of animal suffuring caused by industrial rearing, animal experimentation, hunting, fishing and wearing fur.

Neither the law nor christian religion has helped this mindset to evolve, as the work of Jeremy Bentham (1748 – 1832) has.

There are millions of animals which suffer. And their suffering is indescriptible. But we all can do something to avoid that, we all can be responsible and respectfull to their lives.

Choose cosmetics and hygiene products which say on the label « animal test free », how Peter Singer describes the tests on rabbit eyes is horrible.

Think about what we eat, because animal proteins are not necessary for a healthy diet and now, everyone knows how bad industrial farms are for animals and how they pollute.

Watching courageous films about this subject is not appetizing but gives information.

Wear warm clothes, choosing in a conscious manner, and using natural material, which haven’t be processed with industrial chemicals.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle that will limit the need for chemicals.

The author, Peter Singer, is a specialist of bioethics and philosophy, he has taught in universities all over the world and wrote many books which have been translated into several, different languages.

The Animal Liberation Movement: its Philosophy, its Achievements, and its Future.

Old Hamond Press, Nottingham, Great Britain, 1985