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Choosing your pot: Enamel
Solar cooking
Cooking in an earthen pot
Cooking with a mobile phone
Steam cooking 

Possibilities for cooking
You can cook the food with humid heat: in a casserole, with buttered paper, with a steamerwater or with dry heat: in a pan - dry or with oil – in the oven cooking in the earthen pot.

Cooking time
Some people think that cooked food isn’t as good for the health as raw. But if you don’t like raw food, it’s absolutely normal and you just have to be careful about the cooking time.
Usually if the food cooks for a long time and at a very hot temperature it loses its flavour and nutrients.

Kitchen equipment
Each day you use and wash your equipment so they have to be practical, strong, of good quality and non-toxic (watch out for aluminium, it’s said that it provokes some troubles.) Pots and pans must diffuse and keep in heat.
There are some specific kitchen equipment sold by companies in shops or at organic fairs.

Heat and cooking
The taste of your food depends also on the heat source: gas, electricity, wood, sun… sincerely, do you think that your food would have the same «ethical» taste if it was cooked with nuclear electricity or with the sun?
Some machines: micro-wave ovens… could be bad for your health.
If you want to use less energy, to be free to move anywhere during the cooking you can let your food cook alone and stay warm when you are not at home. For that use a Norwegian pot. You can buy it or build it by yourself.
It’s a big box, for example in wood, but most important: no toxic material so watch what you use for the glue. Put a piece of wood or a piece of ceramic tile in the bottom of the box so the casserole doesn’t burn anything. Cook your food as usual, let it boil a few minutes and put it quickly in the Norwegian pot, putting all around it some warm cloth (old pull-over, flannel bedclothes). Close the box. Some hours later, organic vegetablesmilletbuckweat, potatoes… will be cooked just right and warm without consuming any energy and you had had time for yourself to do what you had to do.
Don’t forget to keep it open sometimes to prevent any humidity.

Bon appétit!

Norwegian pot open Norwegian pot close

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