Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere….  First identified by a Danish physician, Oersted, in 1825, aluminum is everywhere in our daily life, and sometimes, we don’t know that It is used to make many things we manipulate and use each day: soda cans, windows, pens, eyeglass cases, trains, planes, cars, kitchen equipment, both manual and electric, cameras, watches, electricity, bicycles, ski poles, canned foods, drug packaging, pots, pans….and the list isn’t finished.

Careful – danger!  In 1976, some people suffering from renal deficiencies, had to do dialysis regularly, and had more neurological disease. After complementary exams, researchers saw that the dialysis liquid contained some aluminum, which went into the patients’ blood and then into their brains. These people suffered with different kinds of diseases, and some months later, died. 

In 1982, an international symposium was held in Luxemburg, at the direction of the European Commission, to study aluminum toxicity. It appeared that brain troubles and skeleton demineralisation is related to aluminum increases in brain, blood and bones.

Some signs  Results of research seem to confirm the danger of bringing increased aluminum into food, which is especially dangerous for the brain. But these researches also show that the result depends on which chemical type of aluminum is ingested, the quantity, as well as the age and general health of the people.

Other signs  In 1980, American researchers detected an abnormally high level of aluminum in the brains of people who had died of Alztheimer’s, and those who suffered with Alzheimer’s Disease. Aluminium levels in the brain increase naturally as we age, but when the quantities are so high, researchers look for other explanations, especially since their research with newborns showed that newborn brains are not the same before and after the introduction of aluminum into the system.

Canadian researchers studied vaccines and showed that aluminum in vaccines increase the possibility of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS.
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Always everywhere  Aluminum is in food coloring and additives, cooking pots, tap water, deodorants and antiperspirants, some drugs, vaccines – and substances that could increase allergies, such as infant formula.

Aluminum and animals  Apart from the poor laboratory animals, our domestic animals live also with aluminum: vaccines, food cans…., so we have to protect them too.

To know more about aluminum, I suggest you read this paper, written by Carole Morin, a naturopath for animals. You’ve already met her on this website and you can order the information directly from her.

To avoid aluminum as much as possible in your daily life, eat organic and don’t eat refined, transformed, already prepared food, avoid canned drinks and foods, pots and pans in aluminum… and with regard to vaccines, as with everything else, look around you for documentation, there’s a lot of information, for people who want to read it and to hear it.