Cooking with a mobile phone


This title surprises you, or startles you? You were waiting for something more ecological, more organic!  Of course, eating organic and cooking with a mobile phone seems quite surprising! Eating organic cooking made with moderate steam seems more logical.

But after teflon and aluminum, I propose to continue our inventory of horrors.

Imagine you are walking in the country, in a bucolic landscape, solitary and hungry. You’re lucky because you see a farm, an organic farm is the best. Happy chickens wander here and there in ample living space. You explain how hungry you are. But you’re so timid that you don’t accept the invitation. Like a prehistoric people living in modern times, one contradiction more isn’t a problem for you, you decide to cook the egg you receive, all by yourself.

To cook it, you need your two mobile phones. You call from one, you call from the other too and you put the egg between the two phones. Half an hour after, people say that the egg would begin to feel the effects of the phones. If your call is more than one hour long, exactly, 65 minutes, people say the egg would be cooked.

You have only to eat it, but maybe after this experience, you aren’t hungry anymore. You are curious about the egg as well as your brain after being in contact with a mobile phone for so long. That’s true, it’s not really appetizing. And, imagine, too, if a poor suffering chicken, living in a factory-farm had laid this egg. It was really an extraordinary emergency supply for your health!

A lot of Internet visitors talk about this experience and you can read it in Biocontact Magazine, September 2007. Some people say that the egg is cooked after 65 minutes, some others say exactly the opposite. You can make it by yourself and think about it. And also, you can visit some websites to get more information about mobile phone, and read this paper, written by Kamil Fadel.