Cooking with the Earthern Pot


Cooking food with an earthen pot is gourmet travel, full of colors, tastes and smells. An earthen pot is a beautiful thing, with round, sweet and solid curves to see, to admire and to feel. A warm invitation to more than satisfy your appetite.

Baked earth (clay) has been used for many centuries. Tough and fragile at the same time, it needs some safety measures.

Cleaning  Before using the pot for the first time, you have to rub its outside with a clove of garlic. You have to do that regularly and absolutely if the pot is fissured.

The pot needs to breathe, so store it in a ventilated place, and it’s cover must not be well closed.
It needs to be washed without any detergent. If some vegetables burned inside, it’s enough to let the pot soak, then to wash it. When it’s dry, rub it inside, with paper and sea-salt.

Cooking  The pot needs to cook slowly and regularly. It will take a gas flame or an electric burner but it needs to be isolated from the flames of a wood fire.

It’s better to begin to cook using a heat diffuser under the pot.
To cook with this type of pot means to cook without any fat or water, preserving thee food nutriments. It’s why you have to start with some vegetables that add water on the bottom of the pot, like onions, tomatoes, salads…. and then add eventually a few drops of olive oil, and then, other vegetablescerealspotatoesfruitsseaweed, or soy proteins, depending your taste.
During the cooking time, the cover must stay shut and the appetizing smell, which little by little fills the kitchen, will tell you very clearly how the cooking is progressing. Sometimes, it’s good to shake the pot a bit to make sure the contents are mixing well.

You can also cook with your pot in the oven, but before, it’s needs to soak in water a long time enough to be re-hydrated. If animals proteins are cooked in the pot they impregnate it, giving the taste to the next dish, and above all, become rancid and saturated. To clean the pot, boil water and vegetables peelings in it several times.

To cook with an earthen pot needs a special time which has nothing to do with the rythm of a microwave oven. It’s another world, another way to feell food and health. The earthen pot is absolutely complementary with the Norwegian pot, in where the contents continue to cook, slowly.
When you put the earthen pot on the table, nice, hot, perfumed and curved, it makes lovely twittering music with its contents. And when you take its cover off, very delicately, its sweet smells emerge and become stronger, and the make hungry stomachs crazy, but even before the first morsel, everybody offers their gratitude to the unknow potter, who made the beautiful pot.