Eating and idioms: solution

A – to dance in front of the kitchen dresser          7 – to have nothing to eat
B – to sugar the strawberries.                                14 – to shake, to became senile or doddering
C – to have one’s stomach in one’s heels             4 – to be very hungry
D – to have the peach / the french fries                11 – to feel very good
E – to eat on the thumb                                          12 – to eat standing, quickly, without any plate/eat « on the run »
F – To fall down among the apples                        3 – to swoon
G – To put the big dishes on the small dishes      2 – to try to prepare and to serve an good meal
H – to eat the dandelion by the roots                     1 – to be dead and buried
I – to be in the Lord’s vineyard                               8 – to be drunk
J – to make white cabbage                                    5 – to not reach what we try to do
K – to have eyes bigger than one’s belly              13 – to take a big helping, but to be not able to eat it all
L – to pedal in the yogurt                                       6 – In a difficult case, to do stupid and useless endeavours
M – to eat his wheat as grass                               9 – to spend all one’s money before receiving it
N – to feel the wind in their sails                          10 – to be a little drunk, to be unable
                                                                                               to walk straight