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Flower of salt, table salt, sea salt, white, grey, without any flavourings or aromatized, salt goes along with all your meat, unless your doctor tells you to eliminate salt!
Organic salt is harvested by hand in natural and non-polluted areas. It is unrefined so it keeps all of its nutrients.

Flower of salt  Salt Flowers come from Camargue and Guérande in France or from Portugal; you can buy it conditioned in a bottle or bag and eat it without any flavour or flavoured with fennel, basil, or seaweed.

Table salt  You can eat it without any flavour or aromatized with tarragon, seaweed, fennel, garlic, parsley, grey, red, white or green pepper, paprika, coriander, cinnamon, fenugreek, ginger, cumin, cloves.

Sea salt  Sea salt likes to be mixed with: rosemary, laurel, thyme, basil, coriander, cinnamon, fenugreek, mustard, cumin, ginger, cloves, fennel, seaweed, berries.

Gomasio  Is prepared with salt and organic sesame. The salt grains are impregnated with sesame seed oil . Gomasio is good to perfume your meats.

The salt grains you get on your plate come from all over the world. This one – coconut and lime smoked salt – comes from Bali, an another comes from Cyprus, this one comes from Hawaii, fromIndia, and this one from the Andes Mountains.
Salt from the Andes Mountain is pink, Hawaii salt is red because of the kaolin clay, and another one has the same color as the apricot. Some salts are smoked, sometimes with Chardonnay. Did you imagine so much poetry and from so few grains of salt?

Salt is a present from the sea, the sun and the wind. As long as you use it, salt gives you its benefic gifts.
Since the mists of time, salt goes together with human belief. If you don’t use it in your kitchen, use it in your bath! It will give you a perfume from Himalaya, from Bali, from the Dead Sea, fromBrittany or Brazil.

Recipe 2  Mint salt  Cut or buy some fresh mint. Let it dry outside but not in the sun: on a tray, in a folded dish-cloth that you hang up in the garden, on a plant dryer or in the oven, when you finish cooking. Put the stalk away and keep the leaves. When they are completely dry, crush the mint leaves with a mortar and pestle as finely as possible. When you get a very fine mint dust, mix it with the table salt, taste to know what you have to add : mint or salt. When you’ve found the right balance, put it in a nice small dish with a small wooden spoon and imagine in advance how your guests will be surprised.

Recipe 1 World salted travel  So many grains of salt, so many countries, so many perfumes, you didn’t imagine so many. Will you live long enough, if you reach hundred years old, to taste and savor all these salts? How to do it? Choose a Monday salt, a Tuesday salt, a Wednesday salt and so on, until Sunday. You’ll need very big cupboards in which to put all these different salts and a big board to write the salt schedule. One salt for one week? It will be a long time before you’ve finished tasting all the salts, and what a pity if the meat isn’t matched with the salt. In their cupboards, the housewives of Iran get a lot of salt-cellars. In the summer, they offer fresh fruits and cucumbers to their guests and the guests eat the cucumbers with salt. There are many guests, so there are many salt-cellars. Next time, when somebody asks you « What do you want for present? » answer that you want a salt-cellar and tell your friends to do as you. And little by little, share these appetizing salts with your friends.