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A product with several virtues… Vinegar has a multitude of uses, and women’s recipes talk a lot about it. It’s very useful for everything : cooking, health, beauty, housekeeping. We say it’s also good to prevent weeds in the garden.

Its ingredients  Usually, vinegar is made with either wine: grapes,

cider: apples or fermented cereals. It can also be made with honey or palm juice. The latter sources are without any flavour or are flavoured with banana or pineapple.

Wine vinegar  It’s made with red or white wine and its quality is dependent on the wine used.

Fruit vinegar  It’s made with fermented fruits. The most famous is the cider vinegar, made with apples, but we make it also with mango.

Balsamic vinegar  It’s from Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy, It’s made with grape juice and added ingredients. It has a very fine taste because it has spent a very long time, several years, in wood barrel.

Seed vinegar  It’s made with fermented seeds from one kind of cereal rye, rice, corn.

Homemade vinegar  You can prepare your vinegar at home. You allow some wine to ferment in a closed bottle or a vinegar cruet close with a cloth in a temperature less than 37° C. Some days later, if bacteria came inside the bottle, you can take the cloth away and close hermetically the bottle. During the next few days, the vinegar starter is forming. And it will be the starter’s work to transform this liquid into vinegar.
If you’re afraid that bacteria won’t come inside your bottle, especially if you don’t live in a vinicultural area, then add a little fermented vinegar at the beginning of the process.
As you use your vinegar, you can add more remains of wine in proportion ; the vinegar starter will continue to transform them into vinegar.

Aromatic vinegar  Vinegar can be aromatized with fruits ; it’s better if they are organic : apricot, strawberry, raspberry, mulberry, orange, plum …, with aromatic herbs : basil, chives, citronnella, tarragon, mint balm, rosemary, thyme…, with spices : cloves, ginger…., garlic, flower petals : cider vinegar and rose petals to do rose vinegar. Some very elaborate organic mixes include : nettle vinegar with lemon and ginger, black pepper vinegar with lemon.

Extract 1 – Way to cultivate rice in watered soil  We can obtain vinegar from rice, but it is so strong that it cracks stones and vessels, there’s no advantage to prepare it. From rice we obtain also a fermented intoxicating liquor, which lays low reason and attacks the brain. When spontaneously, this wine becames vinegar, it becames very spicy and attacks all things in contact.
Ibn al-Awam, Andalousian author and scientist dead in 1145, The Book of Agriculture

Recipe 1 – Original Creation  Prepare clean little bottles, flasks, stickers and colored pens. Take some vinegar from your nice vinegar cruet you bought from a pottery artist, or from an organic homemade vinegar bottle, or from an organic vinegar bottle you bought, enough vinegar to put into the half of all the small bottles you’ve prepared. Go have a walk in your garden or in the gardens of your relatives or friends or anywhere in nature. Look all around you, savour the forms, the colors, the smells. Choose what draws you towards your senses, a fragrant tarragon branch with fine leaves, strong blue borage flowers, appetizing and sugared mulberries, one pinch of an unknown and distant powder you’ve found in a foreign grocery. To each bottle give some clean ingredients. Write what the ingredients are on the stickers and stick them on the flasks, cruets or bottles. For each of them, choose a place in which direction your eyes enjoy to look and each day, observe, shake if you wish, be patient. When you’ve decided that the D.Day is now, open one or several bottles and taste them. Maybe it will be delicious or very bad but it will be your own creation.