Gardening with the moon


It seems the moon has an influence on our body, our humour, of course on the tide, and on our garden.


We talk about the moon waxing and waning or rising and descending. Depending upon the constellations the moon crosses on its path, it is more productive to garden fruitsflowering vegetables,root vegetables or flowers.

First rule: total repose when moon makes knot or is full. It’s a good time to savor the fruits you have harvested, to make jam, to appreciate a tasty cake and a perfumed herb-tea, with other people or by yourself, to bask in the sun, like cats do, or in the shade, to watch the rain falling and the grass growing.



When the moon rises, that is to say in the first quarter (if you hold your finger up straight so it seems to be next to the moon, it will form a “P”), this is a good time for everything above ground : leaves, stems, fruits.

When the moon descends, that is to say in the last quarter (if you hold your finger up straight so it seems to be next to the moon it makes a « d »), this is a good time for everything below ground: roots, seeds….

There is a lot to read about this subject, some websites to visit, software with information on exactly what to do and when to do it, and gardening reviews which give general information about moon phases.
You can believe it or think that it’s only superstitions, read biodynamic books to learn more about this subject or refuse all of that.

But don’t forget the moon can’t do everything. The nature of your soil; how much sun and water it receives; the presence of undesirable visitors (slugs, snails, plant-lice and others); by chemically-poisoned ladybugs or living and active ladybugs; the quality of your compost; the weather, planting association…. so many things play a part.

Your soil is not only somewhere to seed, it nourishes what is there and needs to be nourished in return; not to be destroyed with aggressive chemicals carrying death. Soil is alive, but depending how you take care it, it can be dying or totally dead. We will talk about this subject next time.

And something more: Do you like your garden? Do you speak to your plants? Do you offer them your first look in the morning, to begin the day, yours and theirs, in the best way? Do you tell them that they are beautiful? Do you tell them that they smell good ? Do you say they make your garden, your balcony, windowsill, and your rooms so nice and perfumed? If they feel this attention, this love, you can be sure that they will grow their best.

Photos: Copyright Lionel Maucuit