Helping « The small humming-bird » farm


 » Fire destroys a forest. All the animals went away and looked from afar with resentment, at their homes burning. But they also see a small colibri flying and flying back and forth between a pool and the burning trees. Each trip he has a few drops of water in his little beak. Incredulous, the other animals ask him: « Well, little humming-bird. Do you really think that you’ll stop the fire this way? » And the little humming-bird answers: « I know that I won’t stop the fire, but I do my share ».  Native – American legend

You’ll find this legend on the website of the farm The little hummingbird an organic living place in Charente (France) build by Madeleine and Richard in 2005.

 copyright Petit Colibri Farm

This beautiful collective project is enhanced by the help of volunteers for building, farming or sponsoring trees, vegetablesor agricultural material. You can also help the farm by writing protest letters. Because the city administration forbids any new construction in order to build, instead, a purification. Absolutely different and far from the current beauty of this place, the value of the work already done, the savor of the fruits and the vegetables, harvested and sold hereand the ethic showed by this farm and its inhabitants.

The administrative investigation will end in November 2007, then, one month later, a decision will be made.

As with the little humming-bird in the legend, the drops we all bring to this farm help to stop the administrative fire which menaces it. And all these drops are good for the soil, the growing and blossoming vegetation and the the little humming-bird farm, which can continue to sing. So don’t stint on help!

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