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Why eat organic?
To preserve our planet.

To stop polluting the soils and the aquifer that nourish plants and animals.

To prevent ingesting chemically treated food.
Because organic agriculture respects nature.
Because animals do not suffer needlessly.
To eat organic is simply to take one’s part in the responsibilty we all share towards our planet, and towards all the other human beings around us.

What is an organic product?
An organic product is a food produced according to a strict set of rules, which has been submitted to different independant organizations (e.g., Ecocert) which give this food the right to use the recognized label AB, for Organic Agriculture in France.
The area in which the product was cultivated has been cleared of pollutants for several years.
The animals, if any, who produce the products (meat, diary, eggs) are fed organic nutrients and live in humane, sanitary conditions.
Organic products are not chemically treated, and organic cows are not «mad!»

How to eat organic?
If you are interested in modifying how you eat, go slowly. Your body is used to food that has been refined, sweetened, and otherwise treated, for most of the time. If you start the day after tomorrow to give yourself food that is complete, natural, and rich in essential nutrients the change can startle your system, and you may react adversely.
Change little by little. Add one kind of food first, and then another. Think of almost-whole foods before trying entirely whole ones. When your body had adjusted and will accept your changes, you can move on to the next level.
Don’t expect a miracle from a diet of organic food. If you have health problems, are overweight, or have allergies, a doctor or a dietitian can help guide you.