The Kousmine Method



When she studied medecine, Doctor Catherine Kousmine (1904-1992) understood how important food can be for health. Because she observed her patients very closely and she thought a lot about this subject, she formulated what we now call «the Kousmine Method».

Energy, water, pollution, the functions of the body, nutrients, how illness begins, the needs of pregnant mothers and babies, the immune system, cooking, peeling vegetables, how food influences us, the respect we must have for food, and how we should know it, the disparity between natural and organic food and industrial and refined food, breastfeeding, food additives… these are some of topics she studied and analysed. Because food is much more than just calories and other measures

Of course, she said we should eat organic. She also said that one of the most important foods is oil, that we should eat every day. Oil must be organic, cold pressed, so it doesn’t resemble « dead » oil, which has been heated, deodorised and mixed with solvents.

For Doctor Kousmine, we should eat only whole cereals, at the same time with pulses and beans, because in this complementary association, you get a complete dish in terms of amino acids.

She recommended that we eat fruits and vegetables every day. But, we should be very careful about the way they have been cultivated. This is also true for the potatoes.

Because animal proteins are very rich with satured fat, she said that we should eat less meat, fish, cheese, eggs, butter and dairy products.

She taught that we should avoid some foods because they don’t bring any health benefits. So, she thought that vegetable fats, « lite » foods, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea and refined foods like white sugar are poisons. She also said we should avoid drinking when we eat.

To eat moderately at each meal seems good for health, she said, and, by the way, she said exactly the same as this ancient proverb : have breakfast as if you were a king, have lunch as if you were a prince and have dinner as you were a pauper. For breakfast, Doctor Kousmine invented the famous Budwig cream, that some people are crazy about, and others hate.

Food is so much more than something to fill our stomach. To eat well implies mindfullness and eating ethically. So, if you want to change your way of eating, it seems that you will also need to change your way of living.