Choose your way of eating



You have thought a lot about your way of eating, and you have been in your friends’ kitchens, tasting some savory dishes there.

You also went to the movies, but what you have seen took away your appetite. Food Inc and other films are very hard to digest….

As you are now changing your way of life, why not to think about your way of eating too?

  What seems to be the most important is to eat healthy, to eat organic food, and if this food is based on animal products, to be sure that it didn’t contribute to the animals’ suffering. Food security and food policy aren’t minor subjects, at least from a financial point of view.

So many alimentary methods and diets exist : to eat raw, to eat cooked, to eat harmoniste, to eat depending your blood group, to eat macrobiotic, to eat Okinawa, to eat the Cretan way, to eat Kousmine, to eat Seignalet, to eat vegetarian, to eat vegan, to eat without gluten, to eat depending allergies, to eat depending how old you are, to eat depending your sports activity, to eat depending your sex…

Which one to choose, between all these possibilities, and using which criteria?

The up-coming ideas from this page will help you to know more about these different diets.

Happy discoveries.