End of summer in orange color

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To begin: take a beautiful green salad, so fresh and smelling good. Wash it in a basin and give the water to the flowers. Grate two raw carrots and one raw beetroot. Mix them together with the salad and sprinkle with sunflower seeds, small pieces of cheese, for example french «comté» or some other kind, parsley, tarragon, chives, pimpernel, one or two spoons of sunflower oil, mix all together and eat with pleasure.

Main course: some days or some weeks before, prepare jam by using organic pumpkin and yellow onions.
2 kilos pumpkin for one big onion. While the pumpkin is cooking, cook the onion with olive
oil and cumin or cinammon. When the onion is sweet and smelling good, mix it with the pumpkin, let it cook and bottle it. Wait some days, or some weeks, if possible.
Cook organic basmati
rice, 70 grammes for one person, reheat the jam and serve them either together or separatly as you prefer. Appreciate the different tastes: sugared, salted, the basmati, the cumin or the cinammon, the harmony of colors and eat it with happiness.

Sweet: A chick-peas flour cake, that you will eat with a small cup of yogurt or a beverage of your choice.