Irradiation and food


What for? One of the arguments is that food irradiation helps to conserve food so it’s possible to transport it a long way. But if you eat what is produced in your area, in accordance with simple living and less pollution, nobody needs to transport food on a long way. Another argument is that food irradiation preserves food against bacteria and insects that bring contamination to the food. Why not instead think about good sanitary conditions of food production?

How does it work? With explications and diagramsby Professor Jacques Foos.

Risks for human health Detractors of this practice speak about various risks, from nutritional deficiencies due to lost nutrients and vitamins in irradiated food, to risks of cancer and malformation.

They also draw consumers’ attention to the risk of transporting such radioactive materials as are used for irradiation.
For food irradiation followers, everything is ok, nothing to add.

Pertinent information  I suggest to you an easy game with questions and answers: As consumer, do you know:
– if the food you bought has been irradiated or not?
– Is it something about irradiation written on the label or not?
– Where are the irradiation factories in the country where you live?
– Which radioactive substances are used for food irradiation?
– On which roads do these radioactive substances travel?
– Do you have free choice to eat irradiated or non-irradiated?
If your response is “yes” to the six questions, you are a very well-informed eater or you can get very pertinent information in the country where you live. If it’s not the case, think about….

Irradiation and organic food Irradiation is absolutely forbidden to organic food. So if you eat organic; eat without worry, you don’t eat irradiated.

To accept or to refuse irradiation If you accept food irradiation, continue your ways as if nothing happened. If you refuse it, maybe you were in a protest march, anywhere in the world.

How to get information about irradiation? Reading the documentation from
the European Union
the Food Commission

Aliments irradiés
(in English) and so on…..

As you can see, there are a lot of people all around the table! Bon appétit.