On the road to change: An organic kitchen


So you have decided, without regret, to leave behind insipid and processed food, with which you tried to keep your body in good health, and you are going to eat organic!

The big clean up  Begin with a complete clean up of your kitchen. Don’t try to do it all in one day, and don’t become discouraged. Begin with something you enjoy : wash the walls and ceiling and repaint them, empty all the cupboards, clean them and re-arrange the contents, redecorate, change the window curtains, put some flower pot, find some new furniture at a resale shop, or replace what you have, polish wooden floors, change floor tiles if possible, sew some nice dish-cloths, embroider pot-holders… There are thousands of things to make your kitchen nicer and give you pleasure to spend more time there.

Finally, your kitchen has to be nice, enjoyable, pleasing, inspiring, but most important, not full of useless things. Donate what you don’t use. If you hesitate to give away something, put it away. If some months later, you find you didn’t need it, or you didn’t miss it, it means you don’t need it anymore, so, you can feel free to donate it.

Kitchen equipment Certainly, you’ll have to make some choices. Microwave ovens and teflon  pans are not for everyone, nor are high temperature automatic steam cookers. You’ll have time to sort this out; don’t throw out everything all at once.

Go Shopping  Have you looked around in your area? There is certainly an organic shop near your home.and if you don’t find any, you’ll certainly find independant producers, a market or a supermarket where you’ll find some organic food.

Food  Don’t give your garbage can indigestion. Finish your existing food and progressively add healthier foods. First, try some of them, it’s better than buying everything in the store and spending all your money. Buy some ricenoodles, bread and a good bottle of sunflower oil, first cold pressed, which you will put in the refrigerator after it is opened.

Let the rice or the noodles cook in water, drain, add a tablespoon of your new oil, sprinkle with finely sliced cinnamon, enjoy with a fresh salad or some seasonal vegetables, cooked in moderate steam.
And don’t tell me that you don’t feel any difference !
Buy also some 
fruits and begin the day by smelling their fragrance, then savor their pulp and their juice.

Stabilisation  Don’t hesitate to try different brands of rice and noodles. After a few weeks of eating partially whole foods, taste whole food, then choose the foods that you and your body prefer.

Now you can’t live without white or brown or red or black or wild rice… did you imagine so many varieties? You’ll be able to go another step: new alimentary associations and the discovery of new foods that you may never have tasted. Now you know, « eatingorganic » is a real pleasure, so, bon appetit!