On the road to change: How to save yourself from food additves


In Europe, food additives are written with the letter E and then three or four numbers. This code looks very harmless, but it hides some alarming things. Emulsifiers, stabilizers, artificial flavors and colorings, antioxydants, edulcorants (added sugars), preservatives, flavor enhancers and other substances that add color, smell, or thickening to « industrial » foods. 

These «nice» horrors, which help their producers make a lot of money, hide in the infinite list of daily foods for humans, and for domestic animals as well.
The hide themselves on some labels, not easy to read, and there are sometimes different names for the same product.

Their noxious effects are minimized by some people, but proved by others and scientific studies. Laboratory animals, the victims of their experiments, became sick : with ulcerations, tumors, hormonal modifications, mutations, cancers….
Some alimentary additives, said to be without any danger, retired some foods after a lot of specious debate.. Glutamate, for example, was finally eliminated from baby food. Aspartame, still available, is dangerous and the FDA knows clearly that aspartame is responsible for some 92 side effects.
The risks of these food additives are increased depending the quantity eaten and how the side effects work on each other.

How to save yourself from these poisons?  Go shopping with a magnifying glass to be able to read the labels. You’ll get an impressive register of substances and incomprehensible codes. But the «open sesame» key exists, as an essential small book. With it, you won’t miss the coloring on the «so red and so appetizing» cherries. It’ll guide you to look for the necessairy information and to shop knowing what’s in what you buy.
This small book is written by Corinne Gouget, «Additifs alimentaires. Le guide indispensable pour ne plus vous empoisonner» (Food additives, the essential guide how not to poison yourself anymore, Chariot d’Or Publishing House, 2008) Its cost: 8 euros. It is small enough, 15 x 10 cm, that you can keep it in your pocket very easily.
The website of Corinne Gouget  Santé en danger.
These investigations won’t make you hungry, but will give you another kind of appetite, to know more. Aside from all the directions the book shows you, you can ferret out more, reading web and newspaper articles, books, watching militant films and better thus understand why some substances are still for sale, their real effects and you will sense the perversity of industrial food.