On the road to change: Some questions to ask yourself


Why do you want to change how you eat?  To follow a fashion? If you answered yes, don’t change anything. If you change your food, you’ll need so much energy that your lack of conviction won’t give you. Because you’re sick or obese? It’s a good opportunity, but don’t forget to talk about this decision with your doctor. Because it’s a deep feeling, you don’t feel right? It may be the right time.

Think also of other things:

What place do you give to food in your life and in your kitchen?  If you hate to cook, if you eat only sandwiches or already made dishes, in a corner of the table, watching the TV, it’ll be hard to change….

How much time do you have?  If you are used to warming frozen dishes in a few minutes in the microwave oven… so, as written above for the previous question!

Do you like to eat? Do you like to cook?  If your answer is no, let your friend invite you and in return, help them to do what you know and they don’t. Everybody will win that way.

What does your kitchen look like?  Does it look like a picture, from a decoration magazine, with expensive cupboards, full of useless things, disinfected, aseptic, without any real life, with a big and empty immaculate working place, a microwave oven, Teflon pans and so forth? You’ll have a lot to change….

Personally, in my kitchen, I did away with the counter a long time ago. I prefer a big table, where I can sit, prepare vegetables, tasting a good tea, alone or not, or with the children or speaking with a good friend who dropped in, and who helps me or offers me only her presence and her feeling of doing nothing.
Reread Philippe Delerm’s text about how to shell the green peas, drinking or not drinking 
beer, and imagine you yourself, so at your table, in the middle of your kitchen. Really, it’s completely different than standing in front of the wall at the counter, unable to see anything or anybody.