On the road to change: The alimentary associations


You have really decided to protect the planet, to consume responsibly because you understand the importance of sustainable living, local trade, and especially, how important it is to eat flavorful food which preserves your health.

Maybe, for the first time, you go into an organic shop. You see so many kinds of organic food on the shelves: cerealspulses, many different breads, some cheese, juice, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, milk and dairy foods…. You discover quinoatofu, cream and semolina made from different cerealsseaweed, seïtan, so many oils and vinegarstea, herb-tea, essential oils, pet food, cosmetics which aren’t tested on animals, hygiene and housekeeping products, sprouts, alcohol, sugars and sugar syrups, dried fruits, spreads each one more appetizing than the other… You become giddly after seeing so many different foods. You recognize some noodles but other foods, you don’t know and you are perplexed.

Choose some rice and red lentils or small lentils. Cook them as written on our pages Cereals and Pulses. Serve them in a dish, very nicely, taking advantage of their complimentary colors. Accompany them with aromatic herbs, vegetables, raw or cooked in light steam, a little oil, depending your taste, and why not, a sauce made with almond or honey.

Pulses and cereals go well together, one brings what the other lacks, and they offer you, at least, a complete, tasty and nutritious dish.


                                                   Buckwheat and soya protein

« The visiting nurse, trained in child psychology, said kindly, “Freddie do you get enough to eat?”
”Sure,” said Alfredo.
“ Well, now. Tell me what you have for breakfast.”
“Tortillas and beans,” said Alfredo.
The nurse nodded her head dismally to the principal. “What do you have when you go home for lunch?”
“ I don’t go home.”
“Don’t you eat at noon?”
“Sure. I bring some beans wrapped up in a tortilla.”
Actual alarm showed in the nurse’s eyes, but she controlled herself. “At night what do you have to eat?”
“Tortillas and beans.”
He (the school doctor) shook his head incredulously while he made is report. “I gave them every test I know of,” he said, “teeth, skin, blood, skeleton, eyes, coordination. Gentlemen, they are living on what constitutes a slow poison, and they have from birth. Gentlemen, I tell you I have never seen healthier children in my life! I never saw such teeth!”

Tortilla Flat, John Steinbeck

Nevertheless, according to the rules of Doctor Seignalet, it’s better to avoid eating corn.