Peeling vegetables


When we cook vegetables, we have two opportunities: to peel them or not.

If these vegetables have been grown with chemicals, it’s absolutely necessary to wash them very well and to peel them, even if it doesn’t keep away all the chemicals we can find inside.

Organic vegetables need only a quickly wash, and depending which vegetable is cooked, it may not need to be peeled.

When we wash vegetables, it’s better to not let them soak a long time in water because it can make them lose a part of their nutritive elements. It’s better to wash them very quickly with a little water, above a basin, and afterwards, give this water to the flowers, inside or outside, or to brush them with a small brush, specially made for vegetables. We can find this type of brush in an organic food shop.

When we peel vegetables, they lose a part of nutritive elements. Don’t forget that their skin not only protects their flesh, but keeps inside all of the good things given by the sun.
The Doctor Kousmine recommended peeling vegetables in the same direction they grow. So, for example, to peel a carrot, she said to peel it from the top to the root, to be in harmony with the universe.
But peeling vegetables can be a kind of art too, if you peel and allow some bands of unpeeled space. For a cucumber or a gourd, you’ll see a green place, with skin, then a lighter, without skin. By yourself, you‘ll find a kind of architecture to show these contrasting colors and so you’ll create art, maybe you’ll hesitate to eat, but which will enliven your tables and the people for whom your dishes are destined, and you first of all.

Washed, peeled, cut, grated, vegetables always lose more nutritive elements. Don’t prepare them in advance. Pour out fresh lemon juice, as natural antioxidant, to keep them from becoming black. Don’t forget to add, just before eating, some finely chopped aromatic herbs. Just by chopping them you’ll savour their fragrance, your fingers will be perfumed, as will the room where you cook. When you add them to your meat, you take benefits from their many virtues, their taste and perfume. And, the best of all is to complete the dish with a few drops of your favourite oil, first cold pressed, as perfumed as the herbs. So, each day, you’ll discover with delight, that eating organic is an art and a pleasure!