To eat the Cretan way


As with all dietary regimes, the Cretan way alone will not guarantee good health. Il is just one part of a rigourous way of life.
The characteristic of the Cretan way of eating is to eat regularly and exclusively many different foods.

Lots of fruits and vegetables.
Season of fruits and vegetables produced in the area, as we say these days: « eat
seasonally and localy ». Fresh or dried (peas and beas) vegetables are rounded out with
numerous local herbs.

Olive oil.
Olive oil, traditionaly prepared (cold pressed), must be consumed raw, to take all its
benefits. Olives are also recommended.

Bread is a basic element of the Cretan Way of eating, but it has nothing to do with
industrial bread made from refined flour, without any nutritive value.
The traditional Cretan bread is mostly prepared with barley, sometimes with wheat or rye.
It’s a whole black bread with many ways of backing, forms and sizes.

Wine is a part of the Cretan way to eat. It must be drunk with moderation, and always with
a meal, not alone.

Few animals ingredients: meat and fish.
Both of these ingredients belong the current Cretan diet and are cooked with a loth of fresh
vegetables, pulses, aromatic herbs and olive oil.
A long time ago, people are used to eat meat on ritual or holy days. Little by little, the
consummation of meat increased and meat is now an ingredients of holidays or Sunday
Animals currently eaten in Crete are pork, lamb, goat, beef, chicken, veal, kid, rabbit and
Even though the sea isn’t far, fish isn’t a basic part of the Cretan way to eat. It’s more
frequent on the tables of people living next to the sea than on the tables living far from the
sea, but it really belongs to holidays menus.

Herbal teas.
Aromatic herbs are found not only in Cretan dishes but are also used to prepare herbal
teas, which are good for health.

Cretan cuisine is nowadays famous worldwide because the Cretan way to eat also offers
savory cheese, many sweeties, like honey, jams, candied fruits and appetizing cakes.